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The Desire Line

Jan 20, 2020

As we continue our arc on abuse Susette and Brandon invite Barbara Sonofsky to the conversation of sexual abuse. In this episode Barb shares her story and explains how her experiences and recovery has shaped her.  We shed more light on the complexities of this form of abuse in hopes to raise awareness and provide outlets for healing.

Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. Most victims and perpetrators know each other. Immediate reactions to sexual abuse include shock, fear or disbelief. Long-term symptoms include anxiety, fear or post-traumatic stress disorder. While efforts to treat sex offenders remain unpromising, psychological interventions for survivors — especially group therapy — appears effective.


Domestic Violence Hotline:
Child Abuse Reporting 
Elder Abuse:
Toxic Faith
Sexual Abuse Recovery:
The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse